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aces where haughty automobiles halted not. They had but sixty pounds to

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The Carnatic anchored

their joint fortune, and it behoved them not to dissipate it in unwonted luxury. Through Chartres they went, and Corinna quite as eagerly as M

Bearing the flags

artin drank in deep draughts of its Gothic mystery and its splendour of stained glass; through Chateaudun with its grim old castle; through Vend

The Sons of the Sun

?me with the flaming west front of its cathedral; through Tours in the neighbourhood of which they lingered many days, seeing in familiar intima

cy things of which they had bu

ortinbras they went but a

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few kilometres out of their way and visited Richelieu, the fascinating town known only to the wanderer, himself judicious or judiciously advised, that was built by the great Cardinal outside his palace gates for the accommodation of his court; and there it remains now untouched by time, priceless jewel of the art of Louis Treize, with its walls and gates and church and market square and stately ce

ntral thoroughfare of h?

What we offer

tels for the nobles, each having its mansard roof and porte-cochère giving entrance to court and garden; and there it remains dozing in prosperity, for around it spread the vineyards which supply brandy to the wide, wide world. It w

as here that Martin, sitting with Corinna on a blistered bench beneath a plane tree in the

little market-place, said for the first time: “I don’t seem to care whether I ever see

England again.” “What about getting another billet?” asked Corinna. “England and billet

s are synonymous terms. The further I go the less important does it appear that I should get o

ne. At any rate the more loathsome is the prospect of a return to slavery.” “Don’t let

us talk of it,” she said, fanning herself with her hat. “The mere thought of goin

g back turns the sun grey. Let us

This is an important port of call in the Pacific, where all the mail

When I was a small child,” said Corinna, “I used to take the Ten Commandments one by one

and secretly break them, ju